professional video services, cape town

Our video & dvd production services include:

  • Directing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Post Production (Video editing / Sound)
  • DVD Authoring

The type of video productions and promotional videos we do include:

  • Corporate Video Productions
  • Promotional Videos
  • Training Videos & DVDs
  • Product Demo Videos & DVDs
  • Documentary Videos & DVDs
  • Multimedia Video Presentations for Xpos and Conferences
  • Event & Conference Filming
  • 'Behind the Scenes' Video Productions
  • Viral Ads and Productions for YouTube Videos and Posting

The clients we have produced videos for include:

  • Brandhouse
  • Hirt & Carter
  • VC College
  • OCRA Worldwide
  • Rubber Media
  • Chocolate Orange Events
  • Galaxy Jewelers
  • Tigger Fleet
  • MBA Business School
  • MC Saatchi & Able
  • Rolling Pictures
  • SissyBoy Clothing

accessible, affordable, digital video

Thanks to user-generated content sites like YouTube, brand owners have been given an unprecedented platform from which to launch and promote their products and services.

More and more consumers are using video sites to find what they want to review and buy on the web. If you’re looking for proof YouTube boasted more video viewings per month than Google could tally searches in May 2010.

the most dynamic and interactive way to engage with your customers

Using these platforms, Brand owners have been given an unprecedented opportunity to launch and promote their products and services. It is now possible to broadcast your message to billions; do it instantly; yet target your offering to a minutely detailed focus group at the same time. What’s more it’s free!

it’s where smart businesses are putting their budgets

Our professional video production service enables both large and smaller brand owners to take advantage of these opportunities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional film production services.

Major marketing expenditure can be avoided with a well-designed and properly conceptualized promotional video.

contact us today if you want to

  • Use video to build your image and brand
  • Flight glossy commercials at a fraction of conventional broadcast costs
  • Showcase your products, personality and expertise
  • Engage customers as never before
  • Advertise affordably online